5 Characteristics of Good Insurance Agents

When you are thinking of buying an insurance plan, do you struggle with finding the right policy? In that case, the first thing you should do is find a good insurance agent who is capable of guiding you in choosing the best plan that fits your needs, and budget.

Just like finding an accountant or a lawyer, selecting the right insurance agent to take care of you is an important decision.

You need to look for someone that is trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, and comfortable for you to work with in building a long-term relationship. Here are the 5 key characteristics you should consider when choosing an insurance agent.

1. Takes time to know you & your needs

A good agent always puts your needs first. They will:

a) Listen and empathise with you to understand what you really need before recommending any policy to you.

b) Conduct a thorough risk assessment on your life cycle stage before helping you to tailor a plan that suits you specifically while helping you to maximise protection with minimum cost.

c) Work with you on a long term basis and understand that it all starts with knowing you and your needs.

2. Assist you to make informed decisions

It is the agents’ duty to understand your needs and present you with the most relevant information and suitable options so that you can make the best decision. Good insurance agents are able to explain complicated product information to you in the simplest manner. You can always ask the agents about the rationale behind the recommended plan and coverage. This is important in giving you a complete picture and assisting you to choose the plan that not only delivers the most value for your money but also covers your most relevant risks.

3. Honest & trustworthy

Good agents tell the truth up front. They provide you with comprehensive information without holding back so that you have a complete picture of the plan. They always put themselves in your shoes and act in your best interests. This is because they understand that a strong sense of integrity is necessary to win your respect, repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations over time.

4. Available, attentive and reliable

The agents’ job does not end after your policy comes into effect. Good insurance agents will continue to make themselves reachable whenever you need assistance. And they are ready to respond to your enquiries in a timely manner. They will be checking in with you proactively throughout the year to provide updates on regulatory changes and find out about changes in your life that might affect your policy. They know the importance of accessibility & responsiveness, as insurance agents are often the first to be contacted when unforeseen circumstances happen and claims need to be made.

5. Extensive insurance knowledge

A good agent knows much more than how to sell an insurance plan. They go through years of hard work to equip themselves with in-depth industry and sound product knowledge. They also possess financial management expertise to ensure that the plan they recommend fits into your overall financial situation. There are an increasing number of insurance agents that hold professional qualifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst or Certified Financial Planner who will be also able to offer you a full-fledged personal financial management services.

There may be many considerations when choosing an insurance plan. That makes finding a good insurance agent the crucial first step in getting the right insurance protection.

AXA works closely with its wide network of agents and provides them with special training so that they are equipped with the right skills, knowledge, values and attitude required in assisting you to choose the right type of coverage. Need help in getting the best insurance protection? Contact one of our AXA agents today!

Source: AXA Affin General Insurance


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