About us

For the General Public

This website is created so that you, as the general public, could easily locate an insurance agent who specialised in his/her specified fields, catering to a specific area.

General insurance can be very wide and few agents specialized in professional indemnity, some in Strata Title Master Fire Policy, others in marine, good in transit, as well as some in aviation insurance. Thus, with the creation of this portal and building up a database of active and serious agents, you can seek for professional advice easier.

The same goes for Life Insurance Agents. As life insurance agent can only represent 1 life insurance company, you may need to speak to a few different life agents, compare plans and then make the best decision that you find it most suitable for you.

We are working toward getting more insurance agent to list themselves here, so to allow you make better choice.

For Agents

Whether you are full time or part time agents, as long as you are serious in building your business/career, you are welcome to list your service in this portal. You can opt for the free listing service to start off, and as you grow, consider taking up paid-listing to improve your publicity as well as showcase to the public that you are a serious insurance agent who would not disappear in the next few years.

Paid subscription will help us to fund the expenses of hosting/building this portal as well as advertise/promote this portal to bring in more enquiries for all.

The future trend is whereby public will try to purchase insurance online, trying to skip the service of the agents. However, this does not mean that the service of agent is no longer needed. Many people, without the advice of the agents, maybe buying irrelevant life products, or under-insuring their properties without knowledge. They may be buying a cheaper products without the necessary riders, or cheaper premium that comes with higher excess etc.

As more and more people surf the internet for insurance purchases, it is important that we too allow them to find agents easily so in the event that they get confused with the insurance products, they may realised that insurance is best purchased through the professionals, ie, agents

If you are a Life Insurance Agent, General Insurance Agent, General Takaful Representative, or Family Takaful Representative, we welcome you to submit your listing online here!